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Tender Roots Music: Full Playlist
Only this link has the complete playlist. Not all songs are available on Amazon Music or Spotify.

Amazon Music Playlist on the Web (For Amazon Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited members)
Once the Amazon Music Web Page loads, click the “+” sign to “Follow” or “Add To My Music”. Or, on your phone, open in the Amazon Music App, click the “+” sign, which adds the playlist to your music. Then, say to Alexa, “Alexa, Play Tender Roots Playlist”. Say “Alexa, Next!” to skip to the next song. Say “Alexa, Back!” to go to the previous song.

Spotify Music Playlist on the Web

Spotify on Your Phone
Search spotify:playlist:3Up9bBnVkof0W5b186kUS5 in the “Spotify” App

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