Summer Camp Overview

Atelier of Color – Week 1
Highlights include creating natural pigments from vegetables, dyeing natural fabric with Kool-Aid Dye, making fish prints utilizing rubber print models, and of course mixing our own paint colors for use in the Studio.

Atelier of Sound –Week 2
The name says it all! We’ll be making music, instruments, and moving to everything from classical to jazz.

Atelier of Transformation – Week 3
This week will be full of open-ended possibilities. We’ll create and then explore the properties of many different “Hands on Dough”.

Atelier of Motion – Week 4
We’ll be blowing bubbles, making our way through mazes, and painting with a pendulum.

Atelier of “Beautiful Stuff!” – Week 5
Topics include: “Noticing, Sorting, and Categorizing”; “Telling Stories with Metal Things”; “Thinking About Circles”; and “Constructing With Wood Scraps”.

All The Best August – Week 6
We will revisit all the best bits from the previous weeks of the summer.

Tender Roots Summer Camp 2016 Flyer