About Tender Roots

In 2006 Tender Roots opened our doors in the Lyon Village neighborhood of North Arlington, Virginia.  It was clear the neighborhood needed a community school.

In April 2020, we developed our on-line programming in response to the closing of schools due to Covid-19. It was clear the neighborhood still wanted a community school.

The vision for our program is based on four concepts:

  1. The Child-Parent/Caregiver relationship facilitates exploration and learning, while simultaneously meeting young children’s needs for intimacy and security.
  2. A parent cooperative offers the optimal means for delivering an interactive education.
  3. A geographically-targeted program helps to foster a deep sense of community and create a nurturing, neighborhood network that supports progressive education.
  4. The creation and continuing development of a Reggio Emilia inspired program for toddlers offers families exposure to the highest regarded form of early childhood education.